Electronic Prescriptions

Online Prescriptions

Electronic Prescription Service

Marton Pharmacy’s Electronic Prescription service (EPS) is free to all of our customers and will save you a trip to your doctors surgery! What does the EPS involve?  Instead of your Doctor printing out a green prescription form for you upon request, your prescription can now be sent electronically directly to our computer system.  All you need to do to set up this service is to nominate Marton Pharmacy as your chosen EPS pharmacy which you can do in person or over the telephone either at your surgery or in the pharmacy.   Please note that this is not an automatic service and in order for us to receive your prescription electronically you must first request it from your GP’s Surgery.  Some items are not available yet via EPS such as Controlled Drugs (CD’s) and will continue to be produced on a traditional green form.  If you are requesting a Controlled Drug or other EPS restricted item please inform us if you would like us to collect it direct from your surgery.

Prescription Requests

The fastest and most convenient way to request your prescriptions is ONLINE.  You can do this via your GP’s Surgery website at anytime.  Every GP Surgery in Middlesbrough offers this service.  Prescriptions can also be requested by contacting your surgery direct over the telephone (available at selected Surgery’s only) or by dropping off your white repeat form direct to the Surgery.  If you are signed up to the EPS then it will come directly to us once authorised by your GP.  Please note that this can take up to 48 hours.  We can also drop off your white repeat form to your Surgery, however we cannot guarantee that your prescription will be authorised by the Surgery, for example if your medication is no longer appropriate or you have requested it too early,  if this is the case Surgeries are unable to notify us directly because of the volume of prescription requests they receive.

Text Message Service

Please allow us approx. 24 hours to assemble your prescription if its not urgent.  Want to know when your prescription is ready to collect?  Leave us your mobile number and we can text you (once we have received your prescription direct from your GP) and let you know once it is ready for you to collect.

Home Delivery Service

We can deliver your medicines if you are unable to get to the pharmacy for a small fee.  We deliver one working day after your prescription has been received between 11.30am and 2.00pm.