Sports Injury/Physiotherapy

Professionally assessing and treating all types of injuries.

Sports Injury and Physiotherapy treatments are brought to you by Smith & Thomas Rehabilitation Ltd.  Liam Smith and Chloe Thomas are fully qualified and insured Sports Therapists and offer these services in addition to our in-house Sports Massage Therapist, Sandy Hamilton.  Clinic available Wednesdays 1.30 – 8.00pm.

Clinical Assessment £45

Within each and every clinical session a full physical assessment, treatment method and tailor made exercise plan will be incorporated into the session. All new clients presenting with an injury must book an assessment first. 45 minutes

Sports Massage £35/£45

A deep tissue massage involving high pressure and kneading to muscles. This correctional technique realigns fibres releasing built up tension. This treatment enhances a great feeling of wellbeing to tired and stressed muscles. 30 minutes/45 minutes

 Please read our Cancellation Policy before booking your appointment.